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Oaks Shores

Bettabuilt was engaged by Brosnan to complete the carpentry services for the Oaks Shores remediation project in Queenstown.

Oaks Shores is a four-block multi-unit residential complex and commercial hotel which includes 24 apartments over six levels, located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu.

Through a combination of fixed price lump sum and carpentry labour hire, Bettabuilt provided structural concrete, formwork, timber framing, RAB board, building wrap, internal doors, and finishing trims. Throughout the build, Bettabuilt had between 12 and 24 skilled carpenters on site.

When the building was stripped back to its original form, Bettabuilt was tasked with creating a level work surface so all the following trades could apply their finishes. This required thorough setting out with datum points throughout the levels, allowing the team to apply bespoke timber framing.

Oaks Shores remained a live hotel while the project took place. It was crucial that the safety and comfort of guests and staff was prioritised during the works. Bettabuilt collaborated with Brosnan to develop innovative solutions to move materials and people around the site. The solutions minimised disruption to hotel guests and staff, prioritised their safety, and mitigated negative impact on the hotel’s reputation. The systems created ensured that hotel staff and guests were not disturbed by the movements.

Other challenges arose due to the product shortages caused by Covid-19. Bettabuilt had to adapt, learning to use previously unfamiliar products as original options were unavailable. The team’s adaptability and flexibility in the face of a rapidly changing environment have been key to this project’s success.


Bettabuilt had the complicated task of undertaking the carpentry package on this project, which included structural concrete, formwork, timber framing, RAB board, building wrap, internal doors and finishing trims.

It was a challenging remediation project with an ever-changing scope and complex detailing, but Bettabuilt excelled at the task with great leadership, adaptability, teamwork, and a drive to succeed. Bettabuilt worked closely with the Brosnan team to ensure their work package was delivered on programme and to a high standard. It has been a pleasure working with Bettabuilt.

Mike HarrisonProject Manager, Brosnan