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Our Approach

Since Bettabuilt’s establishment in 2014, we’ve changed the commercial construction industry’s approach to the carpentry trade.

Traditionally, the carpentry trade has been managed by the main contractor using a combination of carpentry teams and labour hire. Bettabuilt has changed that by establishing a business model where we deliver complete carpentry packages.

We invest in our people, offering apprenticeships, opportunities for career advancement and succession planning for our employees.

Bettabuilt is well-resourced and distributed. We operate at a scale that can cater for the resourcing needs of large contractors and our pool of resources is available nationwide.


Bettabuilt is flexible and agile, operating throughout New Zealand, across all project sizes and types, and offering tailored delivery and pricing options.


Our vision is to restore Confidence in Construction. If you entrust your carpentry package to Bettabuilt, have confidence that we will take ownership, take the stress off your hands, and deliver as promised.

Bettabuilt provides a total package solution, creating a stress-free carpentry experience for your project.

Bettabuilt makes it easy.

We combine the professionalism and project management resources of a main contractor with the specialist skills of a subcontractor.

By appointing Bettabuilt to take care of your project’s carpentry trade, we take on the package, reducing complexity for you and your team.

We've got your back.

When you choose Bettabuilt, you are choosing certainty that your projects will be sufficiently resourced. No matter the size or location of your jobs, and no matter what your project throws at you we have the capacity to meet your needs.

Bettabuilt has:

  • Over 200 skilled carpenters, supervisors, and labourers
  • Offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown
  • Proven ability to work in remote locations. We’ve delivered projects all over New Zealand and we love to get out of town

How we work

Whether you’re looking for upfront cost certainty with a fixed-price lump sum quote or a more temporary arrangement, Bettabuilt can tailor a pricing and resourcing model to suit your needs.

Full Carpentry Package

Our fixed-price lump sum pricing model allows our specialised team to take the planning, invoicing, and pricing off your hands, saving you time and money.

Preconstruction phase

We can save you time by taking ownership of measuring, planning, and pricing.

  • Our team of estimators measure up and price the job
  • Our planners create a programme and methodology, reflecting your requirements
  • We provide you with the lump-sum fixed-price quote

Construction phase

When on site, we take ownership of the carpentry trade so you don’t have to.

  • We ensure the project is sufficiently resourced to maintain programme
  • We procure the material so it’s there when we need it
  • We organise the carpenters into supervised teams
  • We provide you with a single point of contact

Behind the scenes

Our team of professionals provides support behind the scenes.

  • We process all of the timesheets and invoices
  • We measure and price any carpentry variations
  • Each month our site team is reviewed for time, cost, quality, and safety performance by a team of subject matter experts

Carpentry Hire

If you already have a team and need additional carpentry resources, talk to us about a simple and cost-effective labour-by-the-hour arrangement.

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